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Our Mother of Good Counsel,
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Communal Anointing of the Sick

Dear Friends,

At the 5 PM Saturday evening Mass on October 7 we will hold our annual communal celebration of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.  I encourage anyone who has been dealing with any health problems over the past few months to attend this Mass and to receive this wonderful sacrament.

The public life of Jesus had two major characteristics: His preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and his ministry to the sick. These two aspects of Jesus’ ministry continue today in the Church. The Church continues to proclaim the Gospel of God’s love, God’s grace, and God’s power not only at Mass, but in many other ways as well. The church continues the ministry of healing through Catholic hospitals and other institutions, but also through the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

Any priest will tell you of instances where physical healing has taken place after the administration of this sacrament.  But whether there is physical healing or not, healing takes place on many levels of the personality – be it psychological, emotional, or spiritual.

I encourage you participate in this event if you feel the need for God’s healing in your heart or in your body. If there are Catholics in your circle of friends or family who have been dealing with sickness recently, bring them with you, even if they have not been to church for a while. All are welcome to participate in this sacrament.

If you know of anyone who is not well enough two come to church but who would like to receive this sacrament, please contact the office. So many people who are partially homebound feel that asking a priest to come to bring the sacraments to them is an imposition. Believe me, it is not! This ministry is one of the reasons we priests were ordained. We are happy to visit the sick and to pray with them.

The same is true when a person is in the hospital.  When I was a young priest, we used to visit the hospital once every week. The hospital would print out a list of all of the Catholic patients for us. This does not happen anymore.  Unlike years ago, because of patient privacy regulations hospitals no longer inform priests when their Catholic parishioners are hospitalized.  If you would like a priest to bring you or one of your loved ones the sacraments, whether in the hospital or at home, please do not hesitate to call the parish office at 610-525-0147.

In an emergency, you can call the parish at 610-525-0147 at any hour.

Fr. Liam

Morning Prayer at OMGC

Here at Our Mother of Good Counsel, each Monday through Saturday morning, we celebrate Morning Prayer in common following the 8:00am Mass. Everyone is invited (around 8:30am) to join us in the daily chapel for this beautiful way to begin the day!

Parish Reminders

Food Allergies

Please do not bring food that contains peanuts, nuts, peanut products or nut products inside the church. Someone sitting near you may have a serious allergy. Thank you for honoring this request.


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