"Welcoming, charitable, and empowered
to live the Gospel"

Our Mother of Good Counsel,
located in Bryn Mawr, PA,
just 20 minutes west of Philadelphia,
welcomes all!

Blessing of All Liturgical Ministers

Dear friends,

Our beautiful church community receives a vast array of helpers, whether seen or unseen, from buildings and grounds, to clerical and counters! Then, emanating outward from within these parameters come other divergent committees who support this faith community in every way, from parish council and ?nance to a myriad of outreaches, serving neighbors and missions, near and far. Yet in the very center of it all lies the heart of all our efforts, a place to serve at the foot of the altar if you will, to serve as Liturgical Ministers in the celebration of Holy Mass, the source and summit of our faith.

We serve God and his people here at Mass in many capacities. Might you be called to serve and be blessed in one of these liturgical ministries?

  • Ordained Leadership: a sacred call to priesthood
  • Altar Servers: a privileged place in liturgical celebration, experiencing ?rst hand every liturgical act, with a readiness to serve God and his people at Mass
  • Sacristan: overseeing set-up for Masses, readying vestments and assisting presiders
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: receiving, becoming and giving the Body of Christ
  • Lectors: God’s holy Word is spoken to, in and through you
  • Hospitality: Greeters and Ushers availing themselves to lend a hand, extending hospitality in sacramental moments
  • Altar Guild: preparation and stewardship of the altar cloths, linens and vestments
  • Music Ministries: “When we go to the heart of sacred music, we enter the heart of God”
  • Leaders of Sung Worship: The church depends on the varied gifts of music, elevating prayers, and evoking a wide spectrum of expression, from grandeur to quietude, joy to gravity, all for the reception and expression of our faith
  • Psalmists (Cantors): illuminating and proclaiming the Word of God in song
  • Adult Choir: building skills, friendships and wonder, singing in unity with the instruments, the assembly, the angels and all creation
  • Holy Fathers: mostly men’s group, mostly fun, and most well loved
  • First Sunday Celebration: ensemble for family Mass and brunch
  • Youth/Family Choir: a call to lead monthly; can be counted as service hours Instrumentalists: layering musical support and animation of sung worship
  • Handbell Choir: Adults to junior high school students learning together, meeting seasonally, ringing in the seasons

Wherever your ministries lie within the church, they are meant to go out to all the world. In the words of St. JP II, "Your service cannot be limited to the inside of a church...Do not hold your candlestick only inside a church, but carry the light of the Gospel to all those who are in darkness and are living through a diffcult time in their life." Jo-Ann Stigliano, Director Music Ministries

Respectfully submitted,
Jo-Ann Stigliano
Director Music Ministries

Morning Prayer at OMGC

Here at Our Mother of Good Counsel, each Monday through Saturday morning, we celebrate Morning Prayer in common following the 8:00am Mass. Everyone is invited (around 8:30am) to join us in the daily chapel for this beautiful way to begin the day!

Parish Reminders

Food Allergies

Please do not bring food that contains peanuts, nuts, peanut products or nut products inside the church. Someone sitting near you may have a serious allergy. Thank you for honoring this request.


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