OMGC and STV Advocates for the Hungry

Volunteers Needed

A group of OMGC and STV Parishioners have joined together as Advocates for the Poor and Hungry. We work with Bread for the World (BFW) a non-partisan Christian organization that researches the causes for hunger in the world. Based on that research BFW lobbies the U.S. Administration and Congressional leaders for changes in policies, programs, and systems that allow hunger to persist in the US and the rest of the world. Congress is back at work on a 2018 budget proposal that would drastically cut funding for many key U.S. programs that have helped to cut the incidence of hunger in half over the last 25 years. The cuts would directly increase hunger and poverty. Want to help? Join this group of Advocates in contacting our Senators and Representatives urging them to retain current levels of funding. You can contact Bill Jones (OMGC) or Ann Rafferty (STV) to find out how.