Advocates Corner

Urgent Needs

Welcome to Advocates Corner, In this column, we will provide information on urgent
needs for advocacy on behalf of the poor, hungry and others that society typically ignores, undervalues of otherwise excludes. Advocacy to change systems, policies and programs that allow such exclusion to persist is equally important to the service and charity Christ also calls us to provide.

We will give you tools and resources to help make it easy for you to respond. Often the most effective response is calling or emailing our Senators and Representatives in Washington and Harrisburg. The contact information for those representing most of us in the US Congress follows. Emails must be sent using the form under the “Contact” tab of the individual’s website that is indicated.

Senator Patrick Toomey           Website:                          Washington phone: 202-224-4255       Philadelphia Phone: 215-241-1090

Senator Robert Casey             Website:                                      Washington Phone: 202-224-6324       Philadelphia Phone: 215-405-9660

Representative Patrick Meehan     Website:          Washington Phone: 202-225-2011       Springfield Phone: 610-690-7323