Project Elf

OMGC Community Project

Once again, our parish will conduct Project Elf. We have a number of families that will have a difficult time making Christmas a happy time in their home due to financial circumstances. We also have a number of families that are able to help out by becoming an Elf for these families. Needy families will be provided with a wish list. Elf families will then be asked to help purchase the items on the family’s wish list. Many of these families will also need a family meal. We are in need of Elves to help with that as well.

Last year, we provided a nice Christmas for 13 families in our own parish and two outside our parish.

If you are interested in being an Elf, for one gift, or a few gifts, or a meal, or part of a meal, please contact Karen at or 610-525-0147 ext. 258.

Families in Need: If you are, or know of, a family in need of Elf assistance this Christmas, please contact Karen at or 610-525-0147, ext. 258. All information is kept confidential.