IHN Hosting Needs

Week of March 11 - 18

Week of Hosting: Our parish will be hosting the IHN families once again during the Week of March 11-18. If you can help in any ofthe following ways, please call.

If you can help set-up the Social Center on Saturday, March 10
at 10:00 am or take-down and pack away equipment on Sunday, March 18 at 12:15 pm, please call Karen Carey at 610-525-0147, ext.227 or email kcarey@omgcparish.net  or Joe Carey at ext. 262 or email jcarey@omgcparish.net.

If you can prepare a meal one evening of that week, please call Toni Betz at 610-

If you can serve as an evening host during the week from 6:00 – 8:30pm,
please call Sr. Anne at 610-525-0147,
ext. 234 or email her at awoodeshick@omgcparish.net.

If you can serve as an overnight host from 8:30 pm to 6:00 am the following
morning, once during the week, please call Michele Geraghty at 610-888-6472
or msgeraghty@comcast.net.