IHN Ministry

New Parish Coordinators

I want to let you know that after many year– almost 26 – I am stepping out of the role as Parish Coordinator of the Interfaith Hospitality Network. 

Luckily, for me and this ministry, Joe and Karen Carey have enthusiastically volunteered to take over this position, which enabled 2018 to get off to a good start during the week of March 11–18.  OMGC began involvement in this important ministry to families who are homeless on May 3, 1992 when the first family arrived in the Network: A young mother with her 2 young daughters, Karma and Jasmine.

Parishioners have always responded very generously to the needs of the IHN families. Present 26 years ago during that first week of hosting and still part of the service to families who are homeless are: Joe and Toni Betz, Martha Farrelly, the Gillin family, John and Nancy Kelley, Barbara Noone, Sandy and Kevin Roddy, and Sue Williamson.

Being a part of this ministry has been a blessing to our parish community in many ways. Parishioners have come to know each other who ministered with them; we
have grown so much as a result of the interfaith reality of our work together with other Christian denominations, the Jewish community, people from other Catholic churches along the Main Line; the families we have hosted over the years who are often so appreciative of the help they have received from the Board of the IHN, the Staff members, and the volunteers who have helped the adults find jobs and homes which set them on the path of stability and security for themselves and their children.

I know the IHN will continue to bless our community as Karen and Joe Carey assume the oversight of this outreach program in the midst of the other invaluable ministries they provide to our parish. Thank you, Joe and Karen. I’ll continue to help wherever I can.

S. Anne Woodeshick