Bread for the World

2018 Offering of Letters Campaign

2018 Offering of Letters Campaign

The 2018 Bread for theWorld (BFW) “Offering of Letters” campaign will be held at our Parish after Masses on June 9/10 and your participation is urgently needed. The Theme for this year, “For Such a Time as This,” focuses attention on the current Congressional process to pass Spending Bills for Fiscal year 2019. Current proposals include significant cuts and ineffective program changes to work requirements for Food Insecurity related government programs. These cuts and changes will set back gains made over the past two decades for these programs to move people out of poverty and reduce food insecurity rates in the US and abroad.

In a May 21, 2018 Philadelphia Inquirer article titled, “Hunger in Philadelphia”, Kathy
Fisher, policy director of the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, says, “There is a real lack of understanding of how big a problem hunger really
is. People who want to limit SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) benefits, she added, incorrectly see the hungry as freeloaders.” As it happens, said Glenn Bergman, executive director of Philabundance in the same article, the vast majority of those who receive SNAP have jobs or are children, elderly or disabled.”

Why should the Parish participate in BFW’sOffering of Letters campaign this coming weekend? First and foremost, we should just ask what Jesus would do and do likewise. Second, consider the words from Rev. David Beckmann, President of BFW: Your faithful advocacy makes a difference.  Last Year, we held off dramatic cuts to domestic anti -hunger programs, such as SNAP and WIC, and prevented extreme cuts to emergency international humanitarian assistance.

In fact, your letters and those from churches and other groups helped win an additional $1 billion in funding to address the near-famine crises that arose in several countries in Africa and the Middle East.”

Please take a few minutes after Mass on June 9/10 to sign letters to our Senators urging them to continue to invest in these anti-hunger programs that reduce poverty, hunger and food insecurity. Tables will be set up outside Church or if
weather requires in the Parish Center. If you will be unable to stop on those dates, packets with letters are available at the back of the Church for your use.