Music Ministries

Lenten Music in September

Notes from J. Zimmerman

Today, we are incorporating some of our Lenten and Triduum songs to go along with the readings centered on the cross, sacrifice and discipleship.

To be one of Jesus’ followers, one must be ready to “take up his cross, and follow.” Jesus does not need admirers. But he does want followers, and those followers might get hurt.

Christian life is not likened to a recliner, but a cross. Peter recognized Jesus for who he is, the Christ, yet misunderstood and rebuked Him for saying He would have to suffer and die. It’s so much easier to be an admirer of Jesus rather than a follower. Taking up our own cross is performing the corporal works of mercy, taking us outside ourselves and placing others’ needs ahead of our own.

As Jesus had his cross, we have ours. To be his disciples, we are to take it up and carry it.

                      Jo-Ann Stigliano, Director of Music Ministries