Online Forms

Here are various online forms to help expedite your request(s). Please read our Privacy policy so you can be assured that we will never use any of the information from any of these forms for anything other than Our Mother of Good Counsel communications.

Ask a Question

Check out our FAQs page before asking a question. You'll find the Ask a Question form there. You can also try our Search box located in the upper right corner of every page.

Bulletin Announcement Request

If you would like to request an announcement be added to our weekly Bulletin, please complete this form


This is a standard contact form.

Facility Request

To request a reservation for one of our many facilities (meeting rooms, classrooms, gymnasium, etc.), this is the form to use.

Parishioner Update

Do we have your correct email address? To make sure you don't miss out on important parish announcements, please update your family's email, phone numbers, street address and other contact information by completing this form.


If you would like to join other parishioners to promote faith and service through one of our parish programs, or just help out wherever you can, please use our Stewardship Commitment form.