The Rose Window


"Music makes the splendor of God's own countenance shine on the assembly gathered in Christ's name."

Our Mother of Good Counsel is a welcoming community, but we are also very much a singing community and encourage our parishioners and visitors alike to join in as enthusiastically and often as possible.

Music is a fair and glorious gift of God. It is the means by which the Liturgy is "prayed and carried through the centuries, joining heaven and earth in song." It has the ability to shape who we are and what we believe, moving hearts and minds "to penetrate, so to speak, the intimate depths of God's life itself!" In all our Ministries of Music we "tend to our art, skill and faith in celebrating and singing the Mass in prayerful gratitude, generosity and hope."

ADULT CHOIR - Singers of all ages welcome!

This is our core group from which ensembles emerge, regroup, and rehearse. Forty five years in the making, forging friendships new and old, we sing the Sunday Liturgy at 9:30am. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings at 7:30pm in the church, and 45 minutes before Mass.


Our men's group, formed several years ago, is an inspired group of robust singers, a favorite amongst the parishioners. They sing twice a month at either the 5:00pm or 11:15am liturgies, rehearsing as needed either before Mass and/or with the Thursday night choir practice.

PSALMISTS & CANTORS - Leaders of Song

"The sphere for your proper function is immense give real guidance to the assembly by inspiring the people to sing, by raising the level of their taste, by arousing their desire to take part."

Our dedicated cantor pool is formed of gifted singers with hearts full of hospitable ministry to support the Song of the Assembly. Careful preparation is taken each week in studying the Liturgy of the Word, as they are called to prayerfully sing hymns and the Living Word of God, presenting them while remaining transparent before all, that God's life might shine through them.


Our instrumental circle of professionally trained and credentialed musicians welcomes all who play strings, brass, woodwind or percussion instruments as an avocation, to come praise God, serving in this way. Perhaps you have a child who plays piano, recorder or tuba and would like to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Just contact the Director of Music Ministries to see what might be a beneficial fit. All ideas welcome!


We are currently inviting young people to join this ministry.  If you are interested, please call the parish office and leave your contact information for Ms. Jo-Ann Stigilano, our Director of Musci Ministry, ext. 238. 


"The charge the Church entrusts to music, its composers and performers, remains, as it always has, one of great importance and highest purpose."