Lenten Bereavement Evening
Date: March 19 - 7:00pm
Hosted by STV

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Date: March 19 - 7:30pm
Penance Service

Senior Community
Date: March 23 - 12:00pm
Monthly Gathering

Fridays of Lent
Date: March 23 - 6:30pm
Simple Supper and Prayer Service

Living Stations
Date: March 23 - 7:00pm
Please Join Us

Youth Group Event
Date: March 25 - 2:30pm
General Meeting

Youth Group Event
Date: April 1 - 11:15am
Easter Egg Hunt

Discovering Christ
Date: April 5 - 7:00pm
Informational Night

Annual Parish-Wide Meeting
Date: April 29 - 12:30pm
Social Center of the School Building


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Hosting Week of March 11 - 18 Phone Numbers

Youth Group Event

Begins March 18 at 11:15 Mass

Parishioner Needs Help

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Call to Family Community and Participation Care for Creation

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