An OMGC Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it is time to plan your wedding. The most important thing - wedding preparations should begin a year in advance.  The parish policy on wedding preparation and liturgy comes from a deep belief in the sacredness of the wedding liturgy.  In order to secure your date, you'll need to call the office (610.525.0147 Ext. 231) and speak to our Pastor, Fr. Denny, so he can set up a preliminary meeting to go over some details.

The first part of your preparation is to meet with the parish priest to complete the paper work. This should take place at least six months before the wedding.

If both parties are Catholic:

  1. Baptismal Certificates are required for both
  2. A letter of Freedom to marry is required from the non-parishioner's parish. This letter states that he/she is free to enter into marriage
  3. Pre-Nuptial Investigation: This is a legal Church document filled our separately by the bride and groom with the priest

If only one party is Catholic:

  1. Baptismal Certificate is required for the Catholic. Proof of Baptism, if possible is requested from the non-Catholic
  2. Pre-Nuptial Investigation (see "3" above)
  3. Apply for necessary dispensation

The second part of your preparation is to meet with our Pastor, or another staff member designated by him, to discuss the required paperwork, Pre-Cana, FOCCUS, planning the liturgy, florists, and photographers. They will also get you in touch with Jo-Ann Stigliano, our Director of Music Ministries, to plan the music for the liturgy.