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RCIA stands for "Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults". It is a program run by adult members of the parish. RCIA requires a modest commitment in time but we think you will find the process a lot easier than you might expect. In addition, we have found that everyone who becomes involved, young or old, highly religious or moderately so, finds it to be a wonderful experience.

An invitation is extended to...

  • Those who are unbaptized
  • Those baptized in the Catholic Church who have not received the sacraments of Eucharist and/or Confirmation
  • Those baptized in another Christian Church who are interested in learning more about the Catholic Church

Our Mother of Good Counsel parish community invites you to meet with members of the RCIA team who welcome your interest and questions regarding the Catholic Church and our parish community. This team of volunteers assists people who would like to experience full communion in the Catholic Church and the richness of the Christian life.

Becoming a Catholic
  • Perhaps you have not been baptized into a Christian Community.
  • Perhaps your spouse is Catholic and you aren't.
  • Perhaps you were brought up Catholic but were not fully initiated.

There are many reasons for wanting to learn more about the Catholic Church. The good news is that the Catholic Church in Our Mother of Good Counsel Parish (OMGC) has an excellent program for you. It is called the RCIA.

How do I join and what does RCIA involve?

Signing up is easy. Just contact Sr. Anne Woodeshick, our Coordinator of the RCIA process, by phone (610-525-0147 ext. 234) or email. She will set up a date to meet with you to discuss your desire to take a closer look at the Catholic faith community.

The RCIA process initially consists of seven weekly meetings in the evening with the RCIA team in what are called Inquiry Sessions. As you continue into the second phase of the process, participants gather for a sharing of the weekly scripture readings after the 9:30 Sunday mass.


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Are there only certain times when l can join RCIA?
Before I decide to join, can I talk to someone who has already gone through the process?
Do I have to memorize a lot of prayers and creeds?
How much preparation must I do for each session?
Must I be a baptized Christian to join?
What do I do if I‘m thinking about joining the Catholic church?
What happens at each Inquiry Session?