Our Vision


Several years ago, by mail and at two different weekend Masses, parishioners were invited to complete a detailed survey about our parish life.  A total of 364 of you did so!  The results of that survey have been compiled and various "Action Teams" have been formed to analyze the survey results, evaluate a long list of innovative ideas, prepare detailed and realistic plans, and initiate new activities designed to respond to the needs and desires expressed by our parishioners.  Thank you to all those who assisted in the survey process!

During the Sundays following Easter, inserts were placed in the Sunday bulletin providing the members of the parish with the results of the parish survey which had been taken during the summer and fall.

Dare to dream ... dare to explore ... dare to become

The Visioning Process that started as part of our parish's 125th Anniversary Celebration continues in a vibrant and productive way. Resulting from the Visioning Conferences and the Parish Survey, five "Action Teams" were formed. In their work, they've dared to dream, explore and now much has already "become."

For more on the mission and objectives of each Action Team, and updates on their continuing activities, click on their links at the top of the right column.

Vision Statement

I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!

Luke 12:49

We want to be a community of the 'holy daring' that dares to be Jesus' voice and hands. We strive to reach out to welcome and care for one another, for those who are in need, for those who are on the margins, for those with whom we are not comfortable, for those that the world rejects. We are a community that dares to say what we and the world may not want to hear.

"Credo in unum Deum…" God is at our center. We are deeply devoted to the practice of our faith, and express that devotion in many ways, individually and communally. We yearn to know God better, to be able to see God in all things. We want to be a welcoming, inclusive community that supports the growth of each of our members in their relationship with God.

We want to 'become what we receive.' Our community strives for excellence in the celebration of the Eucharist, which is the font and summit of our life. Word and Sacrament are what teach, challenge and strengthen us so we may be disciples of Christ.

Our young people are our future, and we want them to become who they are called to be as people of God. They deserve to be taught well the foundations of our faith, to learn how they might grow closer to God, to be enabled to assume responsibility for themselves, their parish community and the world beyond.

"Their span extends to all the earth, their words to the utmost bounds of the world." [Ps 19:5] We strive to communicate clearly and transparently to ourselves and the wider community. We reach out in ministry through our commitment to social justice, to the environment, to care for the aging, the young, and all those in need.

Super omnia caritas. Above all, love.

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